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Post by MrMario on February 19th 2011, 11:19 pm

1. Please speak in English. We understand that many of you want to speak in another language.
2. Avatars need to be 150 X 200 PX. Anything bigger then 150 X 200 PX will be removed and your account will be disabled from displaying an avatar.
3. Avatars need to be PG 13. If you display any nude, sexual or racist avatars your avatar will be removed and your account will be disabled from displaying an avatar.
4. Spamming will not be allowed. Any spam what so ever will be removed and your account will be banned.
5. Please respect everyone and have a mature conversation. We all want to have a good time here and want to continue to.
6. This site is not a support site for Robot Entertainment. All support will need to be posted at
7. Posting pictures or links to images which contain pornography, nudity, animal cruelty, racism, or sexism. Images of violence which are extreme will be removed and may result in a warning and or contact of your ISP.
8. Keep bumping to a minimum.
9. Robot Entertainment employee's are here to communicate and have a good time. Please be respectful. Any racist, rude, or nasty comments towards a Robot employee will not be allowed. If any comments found to be nasty, your account will be banned.
10. Flame Wars = Ban (Both Parties)
11. Leak content of any nature will not be allowed. Content will be deleted. Continue to post leak content your account will be suspended.
12. Your "Language", "Location" and "Hobbies" fields are not an advertising space, so links (to your forum or other sites) must be avoided.
13. Flood and off-topic : Flood must be avoided. One-word posts such like "lol", "rofl", +1, +2 or a single smiley must be avoided.
14. Keep a open mind.
15. Have fun!

1. Forum staff have the right to edit, delete or garbage your topic. Don't be surprised if you find your topic or post to be moved, edit or deleted. If you have any questions please contact the forum staff.
2. If you have a problem with the staff or member of this forum please send MrMario a PM.
3. Rule(s) will be updated at any time. Therefore it is recommend you re-read them regularly.

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